Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Girls Night Out....

So Brandy is getting married in two weeks (and I'm her photographer!)....so what's a wedding without a girls night bachelorette party?! Here are some peeks at the evening, but that's all your gonna get, cause what happened at Brandy's party, stays at Brandy's party!! Just remember "dot, dot, dot" and "apple pie"!

Here is Brandy with one of her bridesmaids Catherine (CK)
hanging out on the front of a FDNY fire truck.

So as you all know, before you marry your prince,
you have to kiss a few pigs......or is it frogs? :-)

Here is Brandy! Doesn't she have an awesome smile?

Here is the group of us!

I know CK is gonna yell at me for this one, but it's a great pic of her!

Thank you Brandy!
I had a blast in NY with you and everyone else! Two weeks to go!

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