Monday, June 7, 2010

Interview for Silver Moon Bloody Bullets

Hi all!  I had a wonderful opportunity to participate in an interview promoting the upcoming release of the anthology Silver Moon Blood Bullets today.  You can listen to the interview on the side bar here.  I had the chance to talk about my short story, what inspired it, my novel, and the importance of writing groups.  Seriously.  If you write, join a writing group.  There are so many, you are sure to find a fit for you.  I participate in two.  First and foremost is the writing group attached to Kelley Armstrong's forum at .  Called the OWG, they are an amazing group of people that have become my friends and really have shaped my writing.  I also participate at .  It's much larger and less personal, but just as useful.  Don't be mistaken.   They can make you cry and make you feel like you can't write.  And they can make you feel like you're flying when you nail something.   Writing groups are hard work.   But it's worth it.

Enjoy the interview.  Naturally, I'm the last to go, but that just means you have to listen to all the other amazing authors too. 

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