Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chrissy and Ron - September 4th

Labor Day weekend couldn't have given us better weather for a wedding.  Blue skies, a cool breeze and a gorgeous backyard garden provided a scenic setting for Ron and Chrissy's wedding.  Two ponds with two streams gave a large playground to the kids as well as some other amphibian friends. 

I know they say you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince.  Guess this little guy's still looking for his princess.  But his happily ever after will have to come later.  Today was about Chrissy and Ron.  Here's a little glimpse into the magic of that day.

The dress.

Some details.

 The flowers.

The rings.

The bride.

The groom.

Ellie, Chrissy and Ron's daughter, the flower girl.

Brennan, Chrissy and Ron's son, the ring bearer

The ceremony.

They literally tied the knot in a hand fastening ceremony.

First kiss as husband and wife.

Congrats and tears all around.

Ellie and Paris, Ron's daughter and bridesmaid.

The girls.

The guys.

The bridal party.

First Dance.

Everyone loves a beautiful wedding cake, and this one was no exception, plus it was tiramisu!

Of course it is the tradition for the bride and groom to lovingly feed each other a slice from the cake as a show of love, affection and trust for each other.  Or in this case...

The windup.

The pitch.

The retailiation.

He never saw it coming.  =)

Ron and Chrissy, thank you so much for coming into my life.  I'm so glad I got to share in your amazing day.  You have an amazing family, and I wish you both the best.  Here are some last portraits of the bride and groom, and the love that they share with each other.


daniellelapaglia said...

Beautiful pics, Kelly. What a gorgeous venue!

Jax said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

patriciahollett said...

Beautiful pics Kelly. I would say...if I ever decide to get married...I want you to take my pics-but you're so far away. :(
You do take a nice variety and they look fantastic! :)

Seleste said...

Gorgeous pics, Kelly! Almost makes me want to get married again :P

Falcata Times said...

Some great pics there. Incidently is there a reason why a lot of them hobbitsed it? (IE all the bare feet?)

Ron said...

No shoes = mountain people ; ) Thank you so much Kelly!! XOXOXOXOXO