Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Silverman Family

Back before November swept me away, I traveled to New Jersey to visit my brother and his family.  I'd been wanting to shoot portraits of them for a while and I finally succeeded.  We headed to the ocean, just north of Seaside, and timed it right for great lighting, and beautiful clouds. 

Doesn't Sydney have the cutest smile?  But don't let it fool you.

Here's the happy family, and almost everyone is looking at the camera!  LOL.  I love the light in this one.
So calm.  So peaceful.  Such a lie.  >:-)

Reann and Collin

Digging in the sand because you can't go to the beach and not dig a hole.  I actually think that's a law.

My favorite picture.

He's just sizing up his escape and plans for world domination.  That's all.

Zee plane!  Zee plane!  No, Sydney.  That's a kite.

I love you guys, and yes, even you Jeff, though you constantly beat me up and I have to threaten abuse charges. 
But that's what family's for, right?


daniellelapaglia said...

Great pics, Kelly!

Julie said...

Beautiful pictures :)


Ken said...

I like the one with dad and daughter sitting on the beach. Very nice.

Jax said...

Those are so sweet!

patriciahollett said...

Love the pictures. Very beautiful, especially the black and white. Nice work Kelly! :)