Friday, August 6, 2010


The only constant is change – Heraclitus, 500BC

I’m a big fan of the status quo. An if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it kind of gal. It’s just me. Who I am. I like dependability, reliability. I like knowing what’s going to happen. I don’t like surprises.

But I’m not an idiot. Change happens. And while I may not like it at the time, it usually is for the better. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but if it is broken, then why are we staring at it like a three-headed cow doing the chicken dance? Fix it.

But how do you know when something’s broken?

Sometimes you just don’t.

I’m interviewing for a new position in my company. The interviews are complete (I think), and now it’s just the waiting. One of the questions asked of me in one of those interviews really got me thinking—if I love what I do now, why change?

Indeed. Why change?

I do love my job. Those that do my job and read this may be shaking their head at me and calling for the padded room; but it’s true. I wouldn’t have stayed in this position as long as I have if I didn’t enjoy it. It’s stressful; we’re always under deadline; you’ve got one person telling you that you ain’t worth a dime and the next person singing your praises from the highest mountain. It’s a position of highs and lows where you need to be a marketing expert, a graphic designer, a customer service agent, a teacher, a psychologist, a problem solver, a negotiator and sometimes a hostage taker. (I personally love the last item, but that’s just me.)

I could keep doing this job for years and still love it and still do it well. I am not broken, but sometimes an opportunity comes up that you just have to take a shot at—so I took aim. Hit or miss? I’m happy for either.

I’m not looking for change, but sometimes change finds you.

As Robert C. Gallagher said: Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine.

How do you feel about change?


Seleste said...

I wish you all the best whichever way the wind ends up blowing with this.

Oh, and I think 99% of jobs are like that (where other people think you're nuts for loving it).

Angela Addams said...

Good luck on the job...I know what you mean...although I'm perfectly happy with my current career I still find myself looking at other opportunties and at times seriously contemplating them. I'm not ready to leave...yet...but I know that if the right opportunity comes forward I will probably take the leap.

patriciahollett said...

I've interviewed hundreds of people over the years and that's a hard question to answer especially if you're happy in your current position. But, advancement, challenges, and new opportunities to learn and grow are all good reasons for moving on.
I'm more of the thinking "If it ain't there something we can do to improve it?" I'm always looking at ways to change or improve anything around me. I'm never constant. Probably drives my husband and family nuts. But that's me.
I think it's admirable that you're looking for opportunities to move ahead, to grow and learn.
And it sounds as if you're ready otherwise you wouldn't have applied for this new position.
I hope you get it, and I think you'll give it your all, just because you seem like that type of person.
Good luck Kelly :)

Falcata Times said...

Change can be good but I think for most people its the fear of the unknown that stops them moving forward. You become comfortable with what you know, you understand it, so when something new lands its a real shock to the system.

daniellelapaglia said...

I'm a big planner. I prefer to slowly and tediously plot my life changes, but that so rarely gets to happen. On the other hand, I'm a fix it girl. When the shit hits the fan, I don't stare at the walls, I start handing out mops. Fix it, then we'll kill the guy who threw it. :)

Good luck!

Diane Girard said...

Some people embrace change and others have it thrust upon them. My tolerance for change goes in cycles. About every 7 years I discovered a need to make major changes in my work and my personal life, and I did. I have no idea why this happened!
Good luck for the future.